Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Got Life?

I've mentioned before how very much I enjoy The Knitting Pipeline podcasts that Paula produces. If you are at all interested, you should give her a listen. You can listen directly from your computer if you do not want to download to another device.

I tend to run at least an episode behind, but I actually prefer to because that way I always know there is another podcast ready whenever I want to listen.

So it was that I only just today during my morning walk listened to her Episode 27 entitled "Knitting is my Passion" in which she discusses a reaction a friend had to one of her latest projects, a knitted and beaded shawl. The friend told her she needed to Get a Life.

I loved Paula's insightful comments on the topic. Specifically she commented that the things people are passionate about are often mysterious to others. Amen!

Only a few like-minded friends from lace club and people I've met through blogs understand my fascination with string and handwork. For most of my life I've encountered at best nodding acceptance. Most of the time I knew the person seeing something I produced thought I was more than a bit eccentric for spending so much time on something so tedious and, to their way of thinking, inconsequential.

I understand. I do. I fully realize that I do not need nor have much practical use for a lace bag or vintage baby bonnet. But it isn't about practicality is it? It is about passion. The pursuit of a pleasurable activity.

I mean some people love to cook. Or play sports. Or watch sports. Or dress up like superheroes.

Really, when you think of it, playing with string isn't so odd after all.

What's a post without a picture? There was a tiny, tiny bit of crochet at the top edge of my bag. That, and seeing a photo on Ravelry of a lovely curtain, got me thinking again of filet crochet and I've had my book out looking through it again. I've never tried it.

I doubt I get to it any time soon. But if you'd like to give it a go, there's a free pattern for this lovely edging over at Piecework.


YesterUkes said...

Guess I've been lucky. Most of the comments I hear are more like "I wish I could do that." There are so many hobbies/interests (duck hunting, golf, playing bridge, rock collecting, etc) out there that I wouldn't want to do but I always enjoy hearing about them.

Sheri said...

I've been told I should only knit "at home," or, "you need a life." Knitting is my passion, without it I would have gone a little nutty long ago. And, I'm NEVER bored. How many times I've heard someone say "what can I do." I never say that. Yay for sticks and string. Must listen this weekend, after Downton Abbey!

trailbee said...

I don't get to hear the program-out of my area, but I find I'm the only knitter who brings her projects to Starbucks, which garners some looks. A passion? I'm not too sure, because I also draw, read, do math & play the piano with the same intensity, just not all at once. I wish I could! I count myself among the fortunate-I have so many wonderful activities that I can't find time to clean my house. :) Oh, joy! I think stringplay is a multi-layered gift, which we are lucky enough to recognize and appreciate. Could you imagine life with this? Not me!

Threads of Inspiration said...

Wonderful thoughts about our chosen passion! I don't know what I would do if I couldn't pick up some string and whip it into something. The other day I found myself with a lot of completed projects and when I sat down to watch TV with my husband that night I was at loose ends! If I'm ever feeling nervous or cranky I know if I just pick up a sewing/crocheting/embroidery project all will be well in my world! Thanks for stopping by my blog.

minipurl said...

So true.
I just discovered a trunkful of such lovelies created by my grandmother many years ago. There are some gorgeous lace trimmed pillow shams which, my mother tells me, were used to dress up the sickbed in the event of a house-call by the doctor (remember house-calls??)
Someday I'll figure out what to do with them. And perhaps, I may try my hand at creating a few.