Monday, January 17, 2011

Karen's hat

I thought the hat, so briefly mentioned in the previous post, deserved a better picture.

My little lace bag is finished, but only with a temporary lining. I made the lining with some plain cotton that I had on hand just to check the directions and give a contrast for a photo. The cotton is too stiff for the purpose, so I suppose it is not technically finished until I get a proper lining sewn in.

The mind moves on,however, and I've decided it's time to call it quits on the Lacy Leaves Shawl. Not a thing wrong with the pattern, I just didn't make a good match of yarn to it.

I love the Brooks Farm yarn and it deserves a better life. Hopefully I can get the yarn ripped and rewound. But what to make with it? The yarn is such a lovely dark green that I still want something with leaves.

I haven't yet watched episode 2 of "Downton Abbey". Mary has and tells me to keep an eye out for a plum dress that Elizabeth McGovern wears.

And friend, Barbara, mentioned having a book on Downton lace.

Paring down the colors to just ecru, here's picture of one of my favorite characters in the "DA" series, Isobel Crawley played by Penelope Wilton.

Lovely gloves. Of course, I immediately thought of the Nancy Bush pattern in a previous "Piecework". Not the same, but .....

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Sheri said...

Sorry about the green shawl, but something will strike you eventually, I'm sure. I'm trying so hard to get rid of stash, but I do love those gloves also. Look at them often. Maybe. Someday.
Must look that show up and watch it. I keep forgetting.