Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Warm colors

and HOT weather.


I am beyond tired of the day after day after day HIGH temperatures. Perhaps it is really getting to me. Why else would I knit wool socks now?

I bought this ball of yarn (Meilenweit* Multiringel - color 5030) at my LYS; my soon-to-close LYS.

The owner has two family members with significant health issues and felt closing to be the best decision. I don't know her personally, but she was great as a shop owner and clearly loved to knit, enjoyed people, had a real talent for teaching, and seemed to derive much pleasure from her shop so I am saddened for her. I will miss having a real yarn shop close enough for easy visiting.

Back in late April at Stitches South market, I bought a bag pattern. Hum, well, actually I bought two bag patterns. One was this clever little pattern which called for sock yarn and this was what I chose at the only time I've been able to get by my LYS during her liquidation sale.

Here, three months later, away from the Stitches market floor and all the yarn fumes, I still like the bag pattern, but wasn't sure I wanted to knit it right now or in this yarn.

This yarn seemed to really WANT to be socks. So I started a pair with the intention of making gift socks only now I'm in love. I love the warm colors. I love the simple striping. I love the fact that I can just knit around and around and not even think. My mind is baked. I need knitting that does not require thought.

This is German yarn and, according to the online free translator, Meilenweit translates to "of many miles" so no wonder it wanted to be socks.


Paula said...

It is sad when an LYS closes. I feel for you. I like the sock striping too!

YesterUkes said...

Sorry to hear your LYS is closing.

Sheri said...

Just like the song, "All Good Things Must End, Someday." Even LYS. But, you'll have the socks.
Sheri, in the worst heat of my life too! YUCK