Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Evelyn Island

Back when I first found knitting blogs, I used to read a lot about Sleeve Island. It seemed to be this place where sweater knitters spent some time- time that didn't seem to pass that quickly.

My little lace triangle is coming right along. For some reason I began to think of it as Evelyn Island, a place where time slows down to a relaxed pace. It is a pleasant, happy place of halcyon days.

This picture was taken a couple of days ago. I am working on the last repeat of the body and my soft little ball of silky alpaca is now smaller but still neat enough to be admired every time I gently pull off another few yards.

So far this has been a perfect project.

Oh, Evelyn Island, you are a knitter's paradise.


YesterUkes said...

So pretty.

Mary said...

On Evelyn Island, there's a cool breeze and birds are singing. Enjoy your stay there!

minipurl said...

Don't forget top pack your M&Ms for your stay.