Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Odd and ends

First the ends:

Forgive the overexposure. The yarn is really a deeper, richer true garnet.

I am on the last row prior to bind off and, yes, I succumbed to beads. I remembered I still had a few from the wreath and I could not resist. I'm only adding one at each point. Such restraint!

It is going to be sad to say goodbye to the knitting of this lovely pattern. I'm missing Evelyn already.

And now for the odd:

Way back in April I started the Sweet Fern mitts with some leftover wool that I truly love. Unsure that I had an adequate amount, I stopped the first one and started the second from the other end of the ball.

I'm fairly sure that I have enough to do an extra repeat thus making the finger section a bit longer (and warmer). Yet every time I look over at this project languishing in the Ziploc bag, I have no desire to finish. None. See. Odd.

I have promised myself that I WILL return to these and finish them before I start anything NEW. I know it will feel Good to have them finished and put in the Christmas Gift basket.


minipurl said...

Gee. It's kind of like an Alfred Hitchcock or Twilight Zone scenario....just think if abandoned knitting projects have actual feelings. Wow.......It's a wonder I can't hear all my lovely WIPs crying , "Pick me! Pick me!"
You wanted odd, n;est-ce pas???
Just smile, and pass those M&Ms.

Paula said...

I can never get red colors to photograph properly either. Looking forward to seeing it blocked.

Sheri said...

I have the type of brain that loves starting, hates finishing! I have so many WIPS they drive even me crazy. But, if I really enjoy the knitting part I eventually finish, if not, RIP,RIP. Doesn't matter, it's the knitting that's fun for me, not the finishing. :o)
That is a pretty color though. :o)