Thursday, July 22, 2010

Lida Rose, My Prairie Rose

Pattern: Prairie Rose Lace Shawl
by HRH Evelyn A. Clark
from "The Knitter's Book of Wool" by Clara Parkes
51" across / 24" down center

Yarn: Classic Elite Silky Alpaca Lace
70% alpaca/30% silk - 460 yds/50 gr.
color 2432 - Garnet

Needles: Size 4 - KnitPicks Options

What can I say that I don't always say?
An Evelyn A. Clark pattern = Satisfaction all the way.

The only modification I made was to knit two extra repeats of the leaf border simply to extend the pleasure and to use as much of the yarn as possible. I'm not certain, but I may have had enough yarn to even do one more leaf repeat, but I was afraid it would upset the proportion of body to border. As it is, I quite like it with three rows of leaves.

It was another 95 degree day, but I took the shawl and the camera to work with me today and, much like a mad dog or an Englishman, went about in the midday sun to snap a few pictures. I cut the right side off in every shot and, in one, managed to arrange it wrong side facing. I blame the heat!

I waited until I got back to the office to take the closeup of the beads on the edge. Ah....I may love air conditioning as much as Evelyn.

(If you know why I call it Lida Rose, and why I'm humming, leave me a comment. If you don't, here's a clue.)


YesterUkes said...

Are you sure you aren't a knitter from a fairy tale of some sort? Knitting this fast must be magic.

Mary said...


Sally said...

Makes me want to knit a shawl, even though I have never done that before. Yours is inspiring!

Threads of Inspiration said...

What a beautiful shawl! Lovely color and amazing pattern!

Sheri said...

I don't know the answer to your question, even after reading some of your "hint," but that shawl is gorgeous! Love, love, love it.
Sheri, who now has her bloglines password written down on every computer so she can comment!;o)