Friday, July 9, 2010

Leaf Knot Bag

I forgot to even post the finished Leaf Knot Clutch - or bag as I prefer to call it. To me a clutch means no handle, but who am I to argue with Veronik?

I enjoyed making it even if I did have to do a bit of guesswork while continuing the leaf pattern up the shaped handles.

I haven't used it yet mainly because I've been too busy and/or lazy. [I'm so busy that I regret that I am unable to be lazier!]

I do like it. Don't get me wrong. And I am looking forward to trying another project from that same book. Who knows when?


Mary said...

The bag looks fabulous! The leaf pattern is very interesting.

minipurl said...

So pretty...betcha could fill that thing with M&Ms.......go for it.