Thursday, July 1, 2010

K is for

Kennesaw House
one of Marietta's oldest buildings

Originally built as a cotton warehouse, in ante-bellum days it was a hotel catering to planters visiting town. Later during the Civil War, it served as a hospital for wounded Confederates. Some people believe that today, some of those spirits still inhabit the house. Unexplained noises are said to be often heard in the house by visitors and employees alike. Museum curator Dan Cox, who doesn't believe in ghosts, has admitted unexplained phenomena occurs here.
Supposedly one of the most often sighted spirits is that of a surgeon, who walks the halls of the house, especially on the lower floor.

I wonder if this may be something perpetuated by the folks who conduct the Ghost Tours of Marietta.

Although not burned by Sherman's army, the 4th floor did catch fire from ashes of nearby burning buildings and was not rebuilt.

Kennesaw Mountain National Battlefield Park, a U.S. National Park about 4.5 miles from the square, was the site of a two-week fiercely fought Civil War battle.

K is also for Kybele, a restaurant on the square serving Turkish cuisine. I've never eaten there so I can't really tell you anything about the menu.

I've also never been to their Hookah Lounge or gone on a Friday or Saturday evening for the belly dancing.

Belly dancing!

On the Square!


Mary said...

History and belly dancing, too! I got a kick out of your post!

Sheri said...

Me too! Belly dancing sounds like fun but how good would I look belly dancing AND sweating. YUCK! I'll stick with water aerobics. LOL Thanks for the History Tour.