Thursday, July 29, 2010


Whew! Supposed to be 95 here today. I finished my walk early while it was only 80. I have to tell you that 80 - with the 82% humidity - is no cake walk. It's more like a cake bake.

To get me through yet another slog around the cul-de-sac, I listened to a podcast. This time not a knitting podcast, but a past episode of The Bob Edwards Show.

I love his interviews. I think he has the Best Job in the world. But I've probably never been more jealous than I was hearing of his July 4 visit and interview with Ashley Springgate who runs the family's snowball business, started by her grandmother in 1939 New Orleans. The above picture is from The Sno-Bliz Online Exhibit and you can read the history of how the business began and how her grandfather, a master machinist, designed and made the ice shaver, and see lots of pictures from the past decades.

Just listening about ICE helped cool off a humid, miserable walk.

I love that this brief visit and interview was a happy bit of spontaneity. Bob was actually at her home to interview her husband about health care in New Orleans and only incidentally learned about the snowball stand which was closed for the 4th of July. Of course, she opened for Bob and made snowballs for him and his assistants.

As I walked around I could almost block out the heat and humidity as I focused on the audio, hearing the sounds of the big block of ICE being loaded and the grinding of the shaver and even the appreciative ummmms from Bob as he sampled his snowball. What I loved was then coming inside and watching the video of the very same interview. Getting to SEE as well as HEAR Ashley (doesn't she have a great smile!) and see Bob's enthusiasm and enjoyment.

Got to love technology! Now.......where can I get me some shaved ice??


Paula said...

I hear you. We've been baking cakes here, too. A cold front when through last night though and we've cooled down to the mid-80's which is a whole lot better. It's amazing the difference that 10 degrees makes.

Mary said...

Come on up to NYC!

YesterUkes said...

My daughter just keeps telling me, "Mom, it's summer. It's supposed to be hot." But I think it seems extra hot this summer.