Saturday, July 24, 2010

Podcast with a Celtic Flair

I've mentioned before, but I really enjoy podcasts,
[photo from McCallum Bagpipes]
particularly ones about knitting. I usually listen to them during my walk and it really (really) helps to pass the time and take some (not all!) of the drudgery out of this exercise.

For some reason I can focus better on the content of a podcast than on music. When I listen just to music, my mind wanders more and I find myself thinking about how many songs I've heard and calculating how many more I'll need to listen to before I'm DONE with the walk. Constantly fixating on the duration just makes it seem even longer. Ugh.

I recently found a new podcast that I am really enjoying. It is the Knitting Pipeline, the knitting podcast with the celtic flair, and you can listen to it at that link or in iTunes.

Podcaster Paula lives in Illinois and plays the Great Highland Pipes. She blogs at A Piper Knits, and on Ravelry she is PrairiePiper.


Sheri said...

Unlike your last post, this one I can relate to. :o) My maternal Grandparents are MacDonald's and I have a (3rd or 4th) cousin that plays the bagpipes. I bought a miniature set of bagpipes a few years ago, just cause they were so adorable. I have to go check out the new podcast now. Maybe someday I'll actually download those things onto my iPod and go walk!

Paula said...

Thank you for the plug and also for the review on iTunes!

Sally said...

Thank you for introducing me to the Knitting Pipeline podcasts. What a pleasant walk I had today!