Friday, September 11, 2009

String makes the news

String can be simple stuff sometimes and I know it can sure keep me occupied and, ocassionally, frustrated.

Used in all manner of ways, lowly and lofty.

Thursday it made the news when archaeologists digging in a cave in the Eurasian country of Georgia (the other Georgia) found flax fibers more than 30,000 years old along with evidence that they had been knotted and dyed.

Retired professor Elizabeth Barber, author of a book on prehistoric textiles, has a hypothesis that "plain old string was a powerful technology, which helped people weather the last ice age".

"It totally revolutionized what they could do," she says. "On a very simple basis, think of the fact you can tie things up in packages so you can carry more. You can put out nets and snares to catch more game so you can eat better."
Or, if you're me, you can amuse and frustrate yourself. Often with the same project.

I bound off the lace triangle too tightly on one side. I still soaked and blocked it and later when I could face it, I unpicked the bind off and did it over. It is much better now. Whew.

I have a new lace piece planned, but in the meantime, for travel knitting, I've started a Fickle Fingers scarf out of an extra ball of yarn I had hanging around unused.


Love to Stitch 99 said...

I love your project and find your comments very interesting.

Lovely hardanger piece under that ball :-)

Pierrette =^..^=

Mary said...

Fickle Fingers for these fickle days of summer ending but fall hasn't started yet. Pretty color.