Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Garden and Gun

I have neither and really both are about equally unlikely to show up here on the cul-de-sac. Neither of my thumbs are green.

Garden & Gun* is a new periodical for the Soul of the New South. I've never been particularly fond of the term "New South", but that's not the topic here today.

My daughter grabbed this free tote bag for me; a very nice, natural burlap one, because she knows I can never have too many bags. Smart girl. And thoughtful. I'm quite fond of her. As she said when handing it over, she knew I could do something about the logo on the front.

Yeah. Don't want to be toting around some bag with GUN on the front.

Soon it came to me just what I'd do.

Last week, browsing around blogs, I spotted some Little Golden Book fabric. It looked just like the inside cover of the books.

I immediately e-mailed Kay to see if she had spotted any around town at the quilt shops. She had and pointed me in the right direction and soon I had a yard of my very own.

So I dug out some buttons from the button tin (a 25-cent yard sale find) and covered over the logo, then I measured and sewed a lining, with a handy pocket, of course. I'm good to go!

Oh, and I removed the velcro closures at the top. Velcro is a very handy invention but it is not yarn friendly and I might want to carry around a knitting project in this bag someday.

*Katherine, if you read this, there's a link here to Pat Conroy discussing his new book "South of Broad"