Thursday, September 24, 2009

Paging Dr. Frog

I'm pretty sure this whole sock business will end badly but who among us has not courted misery and heartache at one time?

You can see that I have almost half of the foot left to knit and no yarn.

I know the best thing to do would be put them away, forget them, and later, frog them, but I can't seem to.......yet.

I've found a knitty article that tells me how to capture a row before frogging and I think I will try that first.

I will, of course, have to do this on both socks if I want the legs to be the same length. Oy!

Later that same evening.....

the cuff has been snipped off and instead of wasting valuable knitting time by ripping out the yarn, I decided to join and begin knitting the foot directly from the detached top. Yep, I just put that cuff right on my foot and it unwinds as I knit.

[It is said the camera adds 10 lbs. Mine apparently adds them to the thigh.]

And if this kind of sock knitting isn't keeping you entertained enough, perhaps you'd more enjoying seeing someone knit SEVEN pair at once on one really LONG circular needle. That's right a pair for each day of the week on ONE needle.

PS: if this works (BIG if), you can bet I'm buying myself some really YUMMY sock yarn for my next pair.


minipurl said...

Seven pairs of socks at once?
How ,,,,,,,,,interesting.
Why do I feel as though I might see that headline in one of those supermarket tabloids at the checkout counter? Man knits SEVEN socks at once. There's an idea. A tabloid for knitters. Hmmmmmmm.

Sheri said...

Hi there! I see you're still knitting up a storm and didn't get washed away in the floods. Would you believe, not a drop down here! Nothing.

Your shawl is beautiful and I, too, love the color. Lace seems to be my thing lately, nothing else is working out. Socks are next for me too, but I need them more than I'm looking forward to making them.

Pictures are still coming soon but life is crazy around here and seems I run out of minutes. Soon, I hope.

Take care, enjoy those M&M's and thanks for the beautiful pictures of the quilt show and needlepoint show. Just gorgeous.


Mary said...

Oh my, what a sock adventure you're having!