Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Applause for Applique

This is "The Pleasures of Pomegranates & Poinsettias" by Sandra Gilreath of Bonaire, GA.

I am not alone in liking this quilt as it won a Judges' Recognition award and Show Sponsors' award. And deservedly so, wouldn't you say?

Sandra based it on "Holly Threads" from Need'l Love.

I especially loved the sampler background fabric and the many greens in the holly leaves.

Just lovely and finely quilted as well.

ETA: all applique is needle turned and quilting was done free motion on a home machine. Nice.


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Jolene said...

Really nice design! I noticed that the Design was machine quilted... Was the applique done by machine also? I am just imagining needle-turning all of those holly leaf points (Shudder)