Sunday, September 20, 2009

Quilt Show

Another weekend, another needlework exhibit. This time it was the East Cobb Quilters' Guild 12th biennial quilt show.

I'm amazed that this photo shows so few people on the exhibit floor. This was taken from the upper level vendor area after Mother and I had been all around and viewed the quilts. Perhaps many had left for lunch. When we arrived the parking area was full and we parked off in an adjacent lot. When we hit the exhibit floor it was packed and there were always at least 3 or more people in each cubicle.

I took several pictures of quilts which were my favorites and made NO notes as I was doing so. Consequently, I came home and spent a LONG time enlarging photos that had ribbons so I could try to read them and painstakenly reading through the exhibit booklet and matching pictures to descriptions.

Then as I was starting this post I see that Blogger is using some new deal with picture uploads in conjunction with Picasa. I wonder, since this work isn't mine, is it OK for me post pictures? [who actually reads all the fine print in that long Terms of Agreement?]

One of the best parts of the show? Well that would most definitely be my friend, Kay, vintage sewing machine enthusiast, demonstrating on her 1917 White Rotary machine (with the machine manual on display).

While talking to folks about machines and quilting, she was piecing a quilt that will eventually go her brother. Every time I saw her, she had a crowd around. Once a teacher; always a teacher.

It is always a treat to see Kay!

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minipurl said...

You sure do know how to enjoy life.
The quilts are beautiful.