Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Library Heaven

I think I've mentioned before how much I love the library. Whenever I go out of town, if there's time and the library is open, I like to visit other libraries.

I would never want to move to a town that had a library I didn't like. For example, Asheville, NC had lots of wonderful yarn shops and is near the John C. Campbell Folk School, but I didn't particularly care for their large, main public library.

However, the Blount County Public Library would be reason enough to move to Maryville, TN.
It is filled with natural light, has groups of upholstered seating all throughout the space as well as many study carrels, has a nearby park and walking area, and even has a cafe inside. Yes, you can purchase coffee and a snack and enjoy it while you read! Wonderful. It is also within walking distance of a yarn shop.

And, speaking of books, I ran across a blog which chronicles all the forgotten bookmarks left behind in used books.

......did I really title that last post 'betrayal'? Don't let me mislead you. I most certainly did not think the designer had betrayed me. All crazy mistakes were clearly my fault and mine alone.
Soon after that post, I managed to stitch-by-stitch UNknit my way back out of the edging where I had veered off pattern, and stitch it again correctly.

Now I'm finally binding off. All is well. Well, almost all.

The M&Ms are gone. : (

"Experience is that wonderful thing that enables you to recognize a mistake when you make it again." Franklin P. Jones

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Mary said...

I think I want to move into the Blount Cty library!