Monday, September 21, 2009

Hawaiian Shirts

This is a close-up of part of a quilt entitled "Hawaiian Shirts for the Menehune" created by Betty Gay White, Marietta, GA and in the East Cobb Quilt Guild's 12th biennial quilt show.

What a happy quilt! I loved it; the design, the fabrics, the layout. I didn't get a picture of the corner squares, but they featured hula dancers! The sashing, background, and border fabrics came from Hawaii. Isn't that sashing great?

According to the exhibit booklet the quilter had great fun hunting for miniature tropical prints for the shirts. I think that is what amazed me so much - that she was able to find prints in scale and that the shirts looked so real. Well they are, really as they had tiny plackets and Barbie-sized buttons. Check out that pink flamingo shirt above. Fabulous!

I smile every time I look at this quilt.

8/4/12: edited post to correct name of quilt maker to Betty Gay White.  Her daughter very kindly left me a comment to correct. 

Thank you, Lisa.  It was fun to come again and look at all these fabulous shirts!  Your Mother did such a fantastic job on this quilt.


minipurl said...

I love this quilt!!!!!

Lisa White said...

I'm glad you like my mom's quilt. I'll make sure she sees your blog post. One tiny correction on the information...her name is Betty Gay White

natalie. beyond the reef said...

...and the pattern is Aloha Shirts by beyond the reef, Natalie Barnes...thank you for choosing our pattern for this lovely project! ...just beautifully done!