Friday, August 28, 2009

Soggy and Happy

It rained all night (I think) and it was a very wet, rainy day today. I may be soggy, but I couldn't be happier to welcome the much needed rain and to enjoy the cooler temperatures. It hasn't even hit the 80s today!

Not too much planned around the cul-de-sac this weekend, so perhaps I'll have a chance to peacefully knit on the new shawl.

I am in LOVE with the yarn color [#1409 here].

I am working once again from Evelyn A. Clark's book "Knitting Lace Triangles". This is definitely one knitting book that I wouldn't won't to be without - so versatile; so satisfying. You can mix and match the lace motifs or go with one of the ones she's already mapped out for you. I'm using her Sunshine & Shadows recipe and hope to maybe eek out a few extra repeats.

It's pictured here on the languishing Schwalm embroidery. Haven't put another stitch in it since mid-July.

Do you have a favorite knitting book? One that you wouldn't want to be without? One, perhaps, that you'd love to start at the beginning and knit your way through every single pattern? There's one knitter out there who feels this way. Wow.

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minipurl said...

So cool :)
I learn so much from your writings and have so much fun! figure out my favorite book.