Saturday, August 22, 2009

Oh, My! Car games

The Noah 'Bud' Ogle homestead - 1863

For all our years together, whenever JP and I take a car trip we usually play some sort of word game to pass the time. In the past it has often taken the form of designating some subject (ex: city names) and taking turns coming up with an example for the each letter of the alphabet in turn. Exciting times. [I'm making fun here, but we really do enjoy it.]

This trip we had a new game. The morning before we left JP heard most of the Sunday Puzzle radio program. Since he remembered (most of) the answers we played this one a bit differently with me trying to come up with the answers and him trying to recall the prompts. Ah, recall - the new game for Baby Boomers!

I thought you might like to play along, too, so I'm posting the clues here and in the next post I'll provide the answers.

Every answer is a familiar two-word phrase that starts with the initials "O-M."
ex: an expression of surprise = Oh, My!

Ready? Here goes.

1. protection for the hand while cooking
2. a card game played by children
3. a famous name in hot dog and luncheon meats
4. a fruity preserve spread on toast
5. it might propel a boat for water skiers
6. what you should maintain when considering a new idea
7. a chain of peaks in Arkansas and Missouri
8. supervisor for secretaries and administrative assistants
9. nickname for a Southern university whose mascot is the Rebel
10. what a conservative jurist might look to in the Constitution for help in deciding cases
11. NBA team for which Shaquille O'Neal first played

Since he was unable to recall all the clues, I came up with about three more answers not used by the program which had to satisfy us until we arrived and he could access the program on the laptop.

12. a booklet accompanying a product to explain details of use and care
13. a highland region bordered by Russia to the north and China to the south
14. something available to passengers on planes; it's use demonstrated by the flight attendants

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minipurl said...

oven mitt,old maid, oscar meyer, orange marmalade, outboard motor, open mind, ozarks mts?, office manager, old miss?, open mind :)
#11 is a sports question and #13 is a geography question, neither of which I am programed to know.

operating manual, oxygen mask.

I love this game. So cool of you to share.