Sunday, August 9, 2009

The Luddite Laptop

With the Brooklyn Birch Leaf socks put away, I've returned to Madli's Shawl and once again I'm making good use of the tin Kay provided.

JP teasingly calls it my laptop so it now has a name - the Luddite Laptop.

Oh, yes, we are easily amused over here at stringplay, no?

One thing I've found with these Estonian patterns, they are fairly easy to UNknit. And there is always UNknitting around here.

There is only 670 yards in this ball of handdyed yarn. It is not nearly enough.

I'm not sure what I was thinking when I decided it would do for Madli's Shawl which calls for a 1300 yard ball. So for this first Madli, I'm going nupp-less. I did knit the nupps in the two end edgings and pre-knit the other end edging so I could use every bit of the yarn in the center section.

It's a lovely pattern I think, and I hope to knit it again with all the nupps*in place.

*nupp (rhymes with soup) is a feature of Estonian lace knitting used to add texture. According to Nancy Bush, since Estonian shawls were typically sold by weight, the nupps added weight and commanded higher prices. Also, they cannot be duplicated by machine and were proof the article was handknitted.

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minipurl said...

What are nupps anyway? I made an attempt to find out for myself by reading all your past shawl info, but had no luck. However, I got to see all of the beautiful Estonian lace shawls you've made. Wow :)