Thursday, April 17, 2008

The Patented Hatch-Mark System

Even though I love this sock pattern (Waving Lace), I wasn't overly keen in returning to it. I was itching to do something completely different. But I'm trying to be a good little knitter and not only finish something before starting something else, but also knit with yarn on hand and not buy new. So return I did.

For sock #1 I had charted the lace repeat in Excel and printed it out so I could use the cells next to the chart for my "patented hatch-mark system". I could make a mark for each round completed, make any notes for heel and toes, and then use it to make sure sock #2 was the same.

So time came to cast on and what do you think? I couldn't find my notes anywhere. I went through stacks; I went through bags. I have the pattern in the Spring 2004 IW Knits magazine, but I had borrowed and browsed through my friend Kay's "25 Favorites" book. An e-mail plea to her confirmed that I had left my notes in the book!

Kay and I are old hands at the Doorknob Drop routine. She kindly put my notes in an envelope and left at her door. I drove over during lunch and picked them up, leaving her a ball of dishcloth cotton.