Sunday, April 20, 2008


I spend most waking hours "creating". I expect you do as well. Some of those hours, the creations are at work. At home I'm most often creating something (usually of little practical use) with string of some sort. I'm creating because I want to; because, really, I need to do so. I create to relax. And to spend some time in quiet to let my thoughts settle. And wander, too.

But even though I'm creating, I don't consider myself creative. I'm REcreating. It is recreation. I'm not developing, or exploring, a unique IDEA of my own. I'm generally following a pattern (or rather trying hard to do so!). I've found someone else's idea that has captured my imagination and I'm working to execute it. (Sadly, as was the case with the last shawl, it is an execution in it's worst context!)

Wandering around the internet, I happen upon others who I consider to be very creative. They are working hard (but enjoying it) to bring their own ideas to life.

I recently found a blog of the "art and craft of Mimi Kirchner" and have been just fascinated by what she saw in printed fabrics and the wondrous dolls she has created. Her flickr album is here.

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