Thursday, April 24, 2008

Rx for Serenity

The week has been a little stressful and by late Wednesday evening I needed something simple but interesting. Garter stitch dishcloth to the rescue! Kay gave me a ball of this really bright, really fun Sugar 'n Cream. The color name is Summer Splash and she also tucked in a printout of the free pattern.
I love how the colors stripe on their own with this pattern. I knitted with size 6 so it wouldn't be super loose. Who am I kidding? I knitted with size 6 because they were out and the size 7 were not within arms reach!
I did an awful job sewing it together. I would love to have someone show me the correct way to do this. It's pretty much all guesswork. But it will be serviceable, bright, and cheerful regardless.
The brightly-colored string worked its magic. You see I didn't even open the chocolate!


Sheri said...

That is pretty neat. I bought some of that cotton, in yellow, and still haven't tried it. I'm going thru a "stage" of startitis. I can't decide what to make so I'm making a bunch of stuff that's useless but lots of fun. I'll post pictures soon.
I love the finishing book by (I think) Nancy Bush? Good pictures of seaming things up. Google it, I'm sure there's some online.
Sheri in SE GA

Mary said...

I was picturing an ordinary square garter stitch cloth when you first mentioned it--what you made is so sweet and cheerful! Very special.

Belém said...

Lovely yarn and the pattern is great. The size 6 needles made a wonderful work :)