Friday, September 2, 2011

The Sock Map

Way back in early June, just as this summer was cranking up to HIGH, I started a pair of socks.

It was my second time to knit the pattern, ZigZag Socks, from the Vogue Knitting Ultimate Sock Book. This is a very nice pattern with an interesting, but simple, wavy lace design that really works up fairly quickly.

So why am I only just now at the cuff of sock #2?
Turns out this wool on small dpns just wasn't that pleasant to knit in really HOT weather.

It is still hot, but while I'm pondering on the next project, it seemed like a good idea to start the second sock.

Luckily I had The Sock Map; my little notebook where I employ my "Patented Hatch-mark System" to keep track of pattern repeats and any special details. For the second sock, I just follow right along, making my hatch marks in the opposite direction. That little box shows where I stopped for the heel flap and where to resume for gusset decreases. There's a little note further down that reminds me that I did one row plain before the toe decreases.


Mary said...

I love how organized you are!

Mimi said...

I used your "map" when making Jessica's hood and it worked so well. But where do you find the little notebook? I used one by Moleskin but the graph was tiny. Really tiny!