Monday, September 12, 2011

Exhibit Bag

Whew! August is Over. The start of September brought such welcome relief from the relentless heat. Temperatures are rising back up this week, but at least now the early mornings and late evenings are nicer and one lives in hope of fall.

The one thing September always brings is festivals and exhibits. Every other year there are two in my area that I make plans to see. The first is the East Cobb Quilt Guild Quilt Show. That will be this coming weekend. Later this month I'll head back over for the Magnolia Sampler Guild Exhibit.

Now you don't want to be hindered by lugging around a heavy purse at these things, but you still want to have your camera and a little cash for goodies. To celebrate National Sewing Month - also in September -the Moda Fabrics and their designers are having a Blog Hop and each day, Sept. 6 - Oct. 2, a different designer will have a blog post and project.

To kick off this Blog Hop, Sandy Gervais had a little project for a bag. As she explained, it will hold your digital camera in the center section and has a flap-covered pocket on one side for cash and the other for credit cards.

You know I hopped right on that one! You can find the daily schedule here, or it seems each blogger is also introducing the next one.

I know. You're thinking, "but where do you put your M&Ms?" Granted it won't hold a large bag, but you could combine your cash and plastic and keep a small bag in the other side. That's what I'll be doing.


Mimi said...

Cute! Makes me wish I had not cleared out my fabric stash so thoroughly when we moved to the farm.

Mary said...

Nice! I like the mixed prints and colors.

Sheri said...

Someday I'm going to live near a big city that has things to do on the weekends. I'm ready for Fall Festivals, Farmers Markets, Quilt Shows, but, around here we don't have much like that.
As always, adorable bag! Yes, a small, personal size bag of M&M's must fit in there somewhere. :o)
Have a great time.

minipurl said...

Glad to hear your priorities are in the right place. What a deliciously lovely holder for M&Ms