Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Ruffles Have Picots

And you thought they had Ridges!

I am binding off a project that may or may not be a keeper.

Pat, blogless but oh, so productive, has made six (possibly more by now) Summer Flies shawls.
[I'd love to see them. I know they are all fantastic.]

Even though the pattern calls for worsted weight, I had seen several on Ravelry knit with finer yarn so I decided to cast on with some sock yarn. I wasn't too concerned with having a smaller size as I really wanted a scarf anyway. But I'm not sure how I'm going to handle ruffles - ruffles with picots! I'm not much of a ruffle person. I don't have anything against picots, however.

I quite liked them in that beaded picot edge:

and that picot edge is not the problem with the green stole that is still languishing
(instead it is those dreadful ktbls, remember?!)

and they are just right in tatting and in Hardanger:

Nope. It's that ruffle that is worrying me.
Perhaps it will block out a bit flatter. Fingers crossed.


Sheri said...

Beautiful color and beautiful shawl. The ruffles on the one I did aren't that noticeable, so I think you'll be okay. Mine's in pink, you wouldn't like that!

Mary said...

Even with the small ruffle, Summer Flies looks terrific!

Yesterukes said...

Love that color! I think it will be fine.

minipurl said...

Absolutely gorgeous!!!!!!