Monday, September 19, 2011

Quilt Show

Another outstanding quilt show by the East Cobb Quilters' Guild. [If you pop over to that link, you'll see the quilt which was awarded Best of Show. Be sure to click to enlarge it to get a better idea of the amazing detail. ]

I stopped by to chat a moment with Kay who was in the guild's booth demonstrating on one of her (many) vintage treadle machines. This year she brought her Davis Vertical Feed. I didn't make a note of the year of manufacture. I seem to recall it as 1915 or maybe 1905, but my recall is always a bit sketchy!
[ETA: Kay says 1905.]

The Davis Vertical Feed machine has no feed dogs, but instead the needle bar and presser foot moves the fabric forward with each stitch. Interesting to watch. But then Kay is always interesting!

I didn't take nearly as many photos as I did at the previous show, but there was some truly amazing work on display. This year there seemed to be a number of quilts interpreting photos of people or places.

I was particularly taken by this one entitled 'Caleb' by Julia Byrne which won a 2nd place ribbon in the Original Design category.


I really liked the clever use of batik fabrics in this one, "Koi Pond", by Melinda Rushing of Atlanta.

I love the large quilting stitches and quilting designs, as well as the colors.

And now, what about this one!

Entitled "Ricordi Della Tuscana or Memories of Tuscany", an original design by Beth Leonard of Roswell. Beth took first place in the Original Design category.

Look at those glasses of wine! So realistic. And that depth of field.

Can you imagine being able to do this? It is always a treat to get out and get to see such wonderful stitching.

Hats off to those hardworking volunteers in ECQG who manage to pull off such great exhibits every other year while still managing to create such beautiful work.


Mimi said...

Just gorgeous! Glad you shared.

Sheri said...

Wow! I love that one of Tuscany. Almost like you could walk right into it. Almost like the attic window pattern, but different. Lucky you, to have seen all those in person.

Mary said...

Amazing quilts! Such fine work.