Thursday, June 17, 2010

Where's the string?

I'm thinking of instituting a new feature here on the old blog called Where's The String?

This is a lively, sometimes frustrating, occasionally exhausting or unfruitful, and disconcertingly frequent activity around here.

In case you haven't already imagined how it works, I'll explain.

It usually happens when I am doing one thing but thinking of something else, some new project.

Often prompted because a new "Piecework" arrives or I see an idea on the web. I remember that I either have just the string I need or I have something that I think will work and want to give it a try. I go to where I just know the string to be and lo and behold it is Not There. I start the search. I go through bags. I try to remember when I last used it.

I stop to e-mail Kay.

I describe the string to JP. This is a waste of both our time. JP thinks ALL string looks alike! You and I know all string is unique. Each string has its own special qualities. One string cannot be substituted for another without good reason.

Tuesday, after running across this pattern, I wanted to find the above string. Only took me about 90 minutes. I still haven't started the pattern. By the time I found it, I was grumpy.

Maybe if my room looked like this or my closets looked like this. Sigh.


Mary said...

I'm glad you found the string--that sure is pretty!

YesterUkes said...

I have the same issue with sheet music.

And the tatting is beautiful. I think people who can tat must have magical powers. I have no magical powers.

minipurl said...

Wow!! You are like super woman...she knits, she tats, she plays hide n' go seek with string. :)
PS: I ate 2 bags of the new pretzel M&Ms today. Yummmmmmmmmm