Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Bright Ideas

I haz them.

In getting things together to go to our WWKIP day, I decided not to take the lace-in-progress and instead cast on quickly for something portable, the Sweet Fern Mitts from Clara Parkes' Book of Wool.

The project is portable and, without distraction, easily enough worked. I wouldn't call Kay and Pat distractions, but having fun and following conversation led me to do a bit of UNknitting in public as well.

The cable crosses and the thumb gusset increases happen at different times. Finished with my UNknitting, I charted me out a tick-sheet so I can keep up with everything that is happening - and check ahead to verify stitch counts. When I rule the world, ALL patterns will have this already.

Maybe Real Knitters can do this in their head. I have to use my brain cells to remember where I hid the emergency M&Ms.


YesterUkes said...

You have emergency M&Ms too?

Mary said...

Send me the emergency M&Ms--I'll hide them for you. :-)))

minipurl said...

I'm closer than Mary....you can send the M&Ms to me. I'll hide them for you. Really, I will ;0