Thursday, June 17, 2010

J is for



The Juice that gives me just enough energy to keep me jumping.

Cool Beans roasts their own coffee and is right around the corner from my office.

At the front it has two small recessed alcoves perfect for setting up a laptop and with windows to the entrance. Books, magazines, and pastry case. Who could ask for more? They don't sell books and magazines, just have an eclectic collection about to read.

There's a cobblestone courtyard in the back if you have time to sit and people watch. (I usually do not.)

J is also for Jewelers.

Wilson Brothers Jewelers, established 1868.

Wilson Brothers definitely has that small-town feel. They are happy to replace a watch battery or band, or rework a family piece.

While you wait you can look at the large photos on the walls from past days. This one shows how the shop looked in 1908.

And, a blast from the past:

J was for Jo-Ann Shop-

Mother and I once rode the bus to the square for back-to-school shopping. I had a multi-colored suede coat that came from the Jo-Ann shop. I felt quite grownup in it.

Here's an interior shot from 1955.

Check out those prices!
And the simple furnishings and displays.

Wasn't life so much simpler? Or perhaps I mean less intense.

Here's an exterior shot from the late 1940s showing Jo-Ann Shop among the buildings on the east side of the park including the old Courthouse. None of these buildings still stand. [click for my 'C' post to see the new Courthouse and how East Park Square looks today.]


YesterUkes said...

My mother worked in our small town jewelry store when she first married in the 1940s. Looked much like the picture of your store.

You've put me in a big "remember when" mood.

Mary said...

Love the old photos!

minipurl said... downtown with mom in the ' your old photos and now I think I'm ready for some Java juice.......