Tuesday, June 8, 2010

I'm running out of stitch holders

I need to remember to always read ahead in the pattern. I think I do, but in my enthusiasm to start a project, I must block out some of the more troublesome steps.

I was very excited about this little bag and got all but the handles done quickly but then got a bit intimidated by the instructions and pushed it out of sight..........and almost out of mind.

I finally got up the courage to pull it out again and even remembered where I had stored the second ball of yarn. No small feat. In just an afternoon I got two halves of the two handles done. I'm not confident that they are done correctly. It remains to be seen if the other two halves will meet up with them and if all will work out satisfactorily.

And peeking ahead, there may be crochet, too. Eek.


Sheri said...

Love that color, but not too sure about a 15 stitch nupp! Wow. Can't wait to see it all done.
Hope you're enjoying some cool weather. It's hotter than hot down this way.

Mary said...

The bag is looking quite leafy! Very nice.