Tuesday, June 22, 2010

A mixed bag

Have you ever seen a less inspiring knit? Don't answer that.

I don't have any idea what I want to knit, but this is not it. Still I keep going. Why start something else when I don't know what it should be?
I think I'll blame the heat. It is relentless and brutal with never a break.

To make up for posting such a dull picture, I'll share a cartoon

[click to enlarge for easier reading]

In the meantime, I have serious pocket envy. Seriously.


Mary said...

Very funny! The cartoon--not your knitting. Your knitting is lovely. But that is kind of a blah color. Maybe you need to knit something spicier in lime green or yellow. . .

YesterUkes said...

Agree with you about the heat. Blaming that for getting slower and slower with my own knitting.
Love the embroidery. Haven't done any of that in ages.