Saturday, June 26, 2010

I Heart Piecework

The July/August issue of "Piecework" hits newstands July 6. My subscription copy should be here already but isn't yet. Worrisome. I surely would have enjoyed relaxing with it this weekend. This issue reveals the Heart Ornament Contest winners.

As usual, it is another stellar issue. And included among the famous names of Galina Khmeleva, Nancy Bush, and Allyne Holland, is the name of my friend, Pat!

You've heard me mention before how talented Pat is (and regret the fact that she hasn't a blog). Pat has a particular fondness for pansies; real, pictured, on greeting cards, or rendered in needlework. Her entry "I Heart Pansies" is a wonderful example of her skill with a needle. [See it shown as F, page 5 of the "Piecework" pdf file here.]

Pat used some perfectly-suited hand-dyed threads and the technique of Brazilian embroidery to stitch pansies on a quilted gold silk heart.

My entry, a Hardanger heart, didn't make the cut and will be returning home to me soon. That's OK. It is always fun to try and come up with an entry.


minipurl said...'s beautiful. Well done :)

Sheri said...

I got my subscription while away. Ill have to go look up yours and your friends hearts.