Sunday, May 30, 2010

Triinu Scarf

Pattern: Triinu Scarf by Nancy Bush
"Knitted Lace of Estonia"**
10" x 50" relaxed

Yarn: Classic Elite Silky Alpaca Lace
70% alpaca / 30% silk
460 yds/50 gr - color 2481 Misty Meadow

Needle: Size 4 KnitPicks Options circular

Once again blocking worked wonders. It was hard to feel the love for this one during the knitting. Maybe that is why it took me so much longer. It certainly wasn't the fault of the pattern which was very straightforward and easy to remember. There were nupps on only two rows and, with only three repeats across, only six at most on any row. The column of two purl stitches that separate the repeats looked especially sloppy in the pre-blocked state. Once blocked they combine with the triple decreases on either side to form graceful arcs.

Not a great blocking job on the edges, but perhaps with wear it will ease into line. Wish I knew a faster, easier, more reliable way to work those blasted wires!

At any rate, glad to have this one done. This yarn was purchased way back in Aug. 2008 from The Yarn Circle in Murphy, NC. That was a lovely, relaxing trip so there are good memories tied up in this yarn and I am glad to finally have put it to good use.

If you are ever in the Murphy, NC area I recommend stopping in at this shop. The shop was established originally to meet the needs of weavers at John C. Campbell folk school and there is a lot of depth in their inventory.

**I can't say enough GOOD THINGS about this book. I have enjoyed it so much and used it more than any other I own. The history presented in the first part of the book is fascinating (to me at least!). Nancy says this scarf was inspired by an article in the Spring 1990 issue of Triinu magazine, founded in 1952 by four Estonian women all living in Sweden after the war. Experts in Estonian national costume and handcrafts, they wanted to create a magazine to keep their national traditions alive and to connect fellow Estonians dispersed throughout the world. It was published four times a year by a series of co-editors located in different countries. Early copies were simple copied pages of type. Always issues included an inspirational message at the beginning followed by poetry, articles on art, literature, culture, and recipes and also always featured a young woman in regional national costume along with patterns for making it. Obviously a labor of love.


kaylace said...

The first photo of this yarn looked aqua or sea green but out side in the storm cloudy sky this is a beautiful vibrant green... very refreshing.

Waiting not too patiently for the next project....

Sheri said...

I'm always learning something new on your blog. Been to Murphy a zillion times and never have found a yarn shop. I will look this on up on my next trip. And I love the color of that scarf. Really cute on the little guy too.

Mary said...

Very nice! Terrific photo.

Jolene said...

Another Great looking Lace Scarf :)

minipurl said...

OOOHHHHHH!!!! Love it. The color is gorgeous :)