Monday, May 24, 2010


Unadultered stringplay.
What fun, and perfect for an UNadult like me!

Sometime back I saw some lovely pieces at Yarnplayer's blog combining black thread with some of her wonderful hand-dyed threads (HDT). Knitters are used to seeing hand-dyed yarns, well Marilee does an amazing job of dyeing threads. See more of her things in her Etsy shop. I haven't ever tried any, but my friend Pat says they're great. Right, Pat?

Ever since seeing those I have been wanting to try out something similar myself. So yesterday I bought a ball of LizBeth thread and thought I'd try the combination out on the pattern in the current issue of "Piecework" [a/k/a the amazingly wonderful LACE issue].

The magazine article is entitled "The Tatting Treasures of Irene Buckland" and the author tells of taking a tatting class and seeing the tatting sample notebook of Irene Buckland (1901-1998). Trish Faubion recreated this pattern from one of the samples in the book. Irene's original and Trish's recreation both use blue and ecru.

I'm planning on finishing out the thread in the shuttles and then maybe trying a round or square motif. Oh, and the thread color? It is #119 - Jelly Bean. I'm thinking of this Jelly Beans and Licorice (with a nod to Jeannie, of course!).

"I'm growing older but not up, my metabolic rate is pleasantly stuck"
Jimmy Buffet (from 1980)
Remember: May is National Cheeseburger Month!


Mary said...

I clicked the photo to make larger and to get a better sense of the colors--WOW--very nice!

Sheri said...

So, so beautiful! You should find some thread called M&M!

YesterUkes said...

Tatting is the one needlework that never clicked in my brain. Did a couple of inches once after a good session with a friend's mom. But then when I put it down, I promptly forgot it all. I have some old shuttles that belonged to a great-aunt. Wish this had been easier for me. Love your work.

kaylace said...

Hey Sonja...

This thread sure is beautiful in person... bright vivid but such a surprise that you like it :)

I like the pattern that you gave as a test drive, it will make a great trim for a bag just like you said.

Had a great time watching you tat today while I worked on my blanket.

Wasn't that some rain storm???

pbj fiber marietta said...

Love your use of the variegated thread...I always buy variegated threads and yarns, but sometimes am disappointed with them worked up into a project.

minipurl said...

Yummmm...jellybeans AND licorice. You had me at the gorgeous thread,,,,,until I read the whole thing.
By the way, I bought some coconut M&Ms while on my trip to Michigan. They're gone now. Hee hee ;0