Friday, May 14, 2010

Steel Magnolia

Pattern: Vine and Flower Scarf by Cathy Payson
Interweave Knits Holiday 2009 (sans flower!)

Yarn: Brooks Farm Acero
60% superwash wool / 20% silk / 20% vicose
420 yards / 113 gr (4 oz.)
I think the color is Cathy ??

Needles: Size 7 Crystal Palace Bamboo 9" straights

[Now I know you must be exclaiming, "what? no red door?" Shocking, isn't it?]

This scarf was knit especially for a former co-worker. I was thinking of her as I roamed around Stitches South and hoped to find some special yarn to make something for her. When I spotted this Brooks Farm Acero, I knew I had found it. Brooks Farm says they chose this name because it is Spanish for steel. My friend has been one tough cookie these past few months so I felt a steel scarf would be just right.

I've already said what a JOY this yarn was to knit. The pattern is a very simple staggered vine lace over 40 stitches. Any stitch dictionary probably has one. And although this particular project never traveled, this would make a GREAT travel project. The two right-side rows are the very same except one row is offset by one stitch. All wrong-side rows are purled. You can immediately know which row to start just by looking at your work. No pattern to keep up with and no notes to take.

I took this in to work with me today so I could drop it off at my friend's house. Door Knob Love. For a change, I walked across to the square to get a daylight shot. A bit muggy, but a wonderful chance to get out for a few minutes.

Spread out on a bench you can see how wildly the colors snake through the piece, but when worn I think you only notice the lovely richness of the colors and the beauty of the yarn. I will be wanting more of this one day.


Mary said...

Did you get odd looks when you draped and wrapped the scarf in the Square?

The colors are lovely.

YesterUkes said...

Can I come take lessons from you? This is lovely.

Sheri said...

Very lucky co-worker. That is very pretty yarn.

minipurl said...

It's simply divine.