Sunday, May 2, 2010

Let go and let color

Thankfully the wrist is feeling much better, so I've been able to start playing with the Brooks Farm Acero yarn.

What lovely stuff!! I'm using a very simple two-row vine lace pattern so the knitting, especially with this wonderful-feeling yarn, is simple and a pleasure.

I have such a hard time with multi-colored yarns. I knew this when I bought the Acero, but the individual colors were so beautiful (and I was in that Stitches stupor) that I bought it anyway.

You can see the bronze/gold has traveled from the left up and across and has started wandering back to the left. This scarf is destined for a friend. She loves art and colors and I'm counting on that, and the fact that she doesn't knit herself, to win her over to this scarf.

There is a pattern called "Pooling Colors Scarf" from the fall 2004 issue of IW Knits that I would love to try sometime when I have more patience and time ( ha!). In that scarf, through trial and error, you purposely knit the color sequences to line up and stripe vertically.

In the meantime I've decided to just Let Go and Let Color!
Brooks Farm Yarn - Best Fun Yet!


YesterUkes said...

I like it!

Mary said...

The colors look so subtle--very pretty!