Friday, April 30, 2010


Does it ever happen to you that prior to an event or occasion you have an idea of how it will all go and then it actually unfolds quite differently? Well that was the Stitches weekend for me.

I had checked my patterns and made notes of yarn requirements, a list of things I wanted to look for, and special yarns I hoped to find. I thought this was a Smart Thing to do. Try to Be Prepared. Hah! Preparation is futile in the face of Yarn Overload.

In a giant room full of yarny goodies, many of which are seldom if ever seen, one is quickly reduced to IMPULSE buying. I bought nothing that was on my list, but I am very happy with my choices and eager to knit with my new yarn and patterns.

I had planned to check Galina's booth and buy the yarn for this shawl from last summer's "Piecework" (which BTW is on sale). I didn't find just what I wanted but the highlight of the show, for me, was a serendipitous encounter with another knitter wearing her beautiful creation from this pattern. Seeing it In Person after corresponding with Roberta about yarn was a real treat. [Rav link to Roberta's shawl]

I had a great time hanging out with Kay as usual. We both succumbed to beautiful yarn at the Brooks Farm booth.

And just before leaving, we stopped at the front XRX booth and Sandi Rosner gave us a personal demonstration of how to knit the amazing Hex Sox shown on the cover of the new book, "Think Outside the Sox". All the extremely clever designs were on display there.

Again this year, I stopped by Neal Howard's booth, chatted a bit, and looked at her luminous yarns and beautiful woven garments. Neal is an artist, and so nice to boot.

I wish I could have had a whole day at Marianne Isager's booth. A wall of subtly shaded fine wool surrounded by the most imaginative garments. Sharing the booth were designs from another Danish designer, Christel Seyfarth. A LOT of color and lots of things that I could never pull off, but certainly eye-catching and inspiring.

In the meantime, I'm experiencing a poorly-timed bout of tendonitis so I may post less frequently for a bit.


Mary said...

What amazing, inspiring things you saw!

YesterUkes said...

Kind of wishing I had gone. But it may have overwhelmed me to see so much at one time. Loved reading about it, though. Feel better soon.

minipurl said...

Sounds like a wonderful time....were there any M&Ms involved? Perhaps, they are just what the doctor ordered for that tendonitis???

Sheri said...

Seems like Stitches South doesn't fall on a good weekend for me. Maybe next year, but thanks for giving us a little insider peek at it. (Finally found my password again! Really need to use just one computer, which will save it.)