Wednesday, April 28, 2010

H is for

Happiness! The construction around the square is complete and traffic is moving as usual again. The crews worked extra hard to get it ready for this past weekend's Taste of Marietta.

Last week on a lovely, lovely spring day, I hopped up from my desk and hurried out of the office to see what I could find for H.

First up is Hemingways a restaurant with a nice outdoor area that bills itself as an island in Marietta and a Parrothead Paradise. This was mid-morning, so it doesn't look too busy yet, however, around the corner there were a few early birds sitting and relaxing at tables under the umbrellas.

Two doors south and two doors UP is a hair salon - Heads Up! You can sit there in the bay window and people watch while you get your hair done.

I love the yellow on the Health Studio. It just looks like sunshine.

And then I stepped just across the railroad tracks to get a shot of the Herb Shop.

What a beautiful day it was!

It was hard to go back to the office.


YesterUkes said...

Next time I'm visiting daughter, we might have to sneak in a trip to Marietta.

Mary said...

It makes me happy to read this!

minipurl said...

H is for how happy this post makes me. Marietta is beautiful.