Monday, April 19, 2010

A True and Perfect Inventory

If you are a regular reader of "Piecework" (and if you aren't, WHY not??), then you are probably already familiar with fiber artist and poet Stephen Beal. [pdf of Piecework interview here]

Past issues have had some of the poetry from his book, "The Very Stuff: Poems on Color, Thread, and the Habits of Women" a collection based on the shades of embroidery floss he uses in needlepoint.

Leafing through the latest Fiber Arts at the library the other day, I learned of one of his latest pieces, Fontleroy Plantation an embroidery of the text of his great-great grandfather's estate inventory.

If you get the chance, read the article in Fiber Arts (Apr/May 2010 issue) to learn more about this amazing piece.

What you don't learn at Mr. Beal's website above, is that the garland draped around the piece is composed of cross stitched prayer flags in red, white, yellow and blue for each of the slaves named in the inventory. Slaves and livestock are included with their monetary value in the inventory, including Old Millie, at 76 valued at zero, i.e. less than a table or a chair, let alone a hog.

Embroidery. It can be a very moving medium.

Speaking of "Piecework", the May/June LACE issue will be on newstands May 4.
SOON.......... Swoon.
Here's the preview. It looks fantastic!! I can hardly wait.

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Mary said...

I'll put May 4th on my calendar!