Friday, April 2, 2010

Peep Keep

Here's what the wee bit of stitching became... a needlebook - and all made from scraps!

Yes, that means this little project cost nothing to make.

The design was a freebie from Prairie Schooler.

The linen was a scrap from my stash and was almost exactly the right size. I only trimmed a bit off in the making.

The lining, too, was just a scrap from a long ago baby quilt and the wool felt for the needle pages came from the ever-resourceful and creative Pat.

It's a crying shame that Pat does not have a blog so you could see some of the clever things she makes - using all kinds of techniques, too. She noticed while working in the guidance office of a high school that colleges sent wool felt pennants so she called the pennant manufacturer to see if they had any scraps and they sent her a box of goodies. And she shared with me!!

And lastly the little button with the rhinestone came from a tin of old buttons passed along to me. Perhaps a bit flashy for this purpose but the pink color was too nice to pass up. (And when else am I going to need a pink rhinestone button??)

Want to make a needlebook? As usual Flickr has photos of some wonderful ones.


Mary said...

There's so much to look at in the photo--the embroidered cover, the fabric lining, the button. It's so sweet and wonderful! (And then there's the lace background!)

YesterUkes said...

I love this project! Much better to keep needles in a nice book instead of the arm of a chair. Learned the hard way not to do that anymore.

minipurl said...

Wonderful idea...and so very pretty.