Saturday, May 22, 2010

New String Saturday

Have you noticed that you haven't yet seen the Leafy Knot Clutch bag here? Yeah, that one has been put aside for just a bit. I haven't fallen out of love with it or anything. However, I reached the part where I put a section of stitches on a holder in order to begin one of the handles. A point at which I need to start decreasing while maintaining the lace pattern. Eek! Suddenly the instructions said things like "do not work a yo in st pattern without a corresponding decrease". No specific chart. No hand holding. Just me and my wee brain.

Since I didn't feel like working that bit out just now, I returned to an Estonian scarf that I started back in March. Seems I haven't ever even mentioned it here. It has been inching along. This picture was taken a couple of days ago.

Since I'm not sure that I have enough yarn for the full number of repeats specified, I've put the working end on a holder* and I'm going to take the provisional cast on out and, with the other end of the yarn, work that edging. Then I think I'll be better able to judge how much yarn the edging uses and whether or not I can add another repeat.

In the meantime, I bought new string today and have been having lots of FUN playing with it.
No brain required.

*for holders I'm using KnitPicks Options cables and the end caps. So flexible and handy! And when I get ready to go back to that end all I'll have to do is screw on the needle tips!

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minipurl said...

Hey! You sound like me and my Hey Teach sweater angst.....lucky for me I had something else to take the pain of defeat coming soon.