Sunday, December 27, 2009

Off to the frog pond

I had a good bit of Smooshy yarn leftover from a pair of socks. Since it was within reach last evening when I was looking at projects in my my new Norwegian book, it was the easiest thing to grab and play around with, but I'm not too happy with the experiment and will frog all this as soon as I finish this post.

The lace cuff is from the book - sort of. The lace pattern, just two nice rounds, is from a pattern for 2-color stranded Rose Bridal Wristers. I failed to read closely and didn't do the first purl round before beginning the lace pattern and didn't knit a couple of plain rounds before increasing. By that time I had decided against the rose pattern as two-color stranded knitting would just eat up more of the limited amount of yarn I had on hand. So I thought I'd try some Fibonnaci striping. I suppose it looks OK, but seems a bit too collegiate or something and the stripey-ness doesn't seem to play well with the lace cuff.

Oh, well. Still fun to play with and a chance to try a wee bit from the book. What have you been doing today?

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minipurl said...

Yummy colors. I admire your adventurous spirit. Me, I've been studying YouTubes on needle felting. Sure, they make it look so easy peasy, but the main draw is it resembles some sort of yarn voodoo. Hmmm. It must be my Sicilian heritage seeping in.