Wednesday, December 30, 2009

'bye Santa

'bye Santa. Thanks for stopping by. We sure did enjoy your visit, but boy! you came and left so quickly! Seems that way every year. Perhaps you are much like me and just like to stay at home. I understand.

Topping today's to-do list was UNdecorate and put away boxes.

There was an exclamation point after that last one. Putting away the boxes is no fun at all and involves a closet that would strike fear in the hearts of Organized People.

But after the last of the decorations were put away, I was rewarded on my trip down to the mailbox.

I think it is time for a lunch break and a browse.

Wonder how Santa's doing. Think he's all rested up yet?


Mary said...

OOOOOH! A new Piecework! That's a good way to see in the new year. Enjoy!

minipurl said...

I agree with Mary. Now all you need are some M&Ms and you're all set.