Saturday, December 5, 2009

Evergreen Gift Bag

The Evergreen Gift Bag has been finished for some time, but weather and timing for the photo op never seemed to work out just right.

Besides that I'm not crazy about it. I think it looks OK, I'm just not sure how useful it is.

Ouch! That's pretty harsh from a total Bag Lover like me, isn't it?

I made the smaller size and, knit with different yarn and smaller needles, mine came out at 7-1/2" high with a 6" diameter bottom.

The size is fine. I ended up putting a lining in and will probably use it for my small projects bag during the holidays.

This pattern is billed as a gift bag. I'm not sure that a non-knitter would really appreciate it as a gift bag. Still it was fun to knit. Pattern and directions were perfect.

If I try it again, I'd like to try a different yarn and I'd do the top without the corrugated ribbing. I think it would draw together better with just plain knitting and it would certainly be quicker to work.

This is the first project I've made from the book "Handknit Holidays", a very nice hardback book published by Melanie Falick in 2005. It is a lovely book and I was thrilled to find it at a discount book store for only $10.99 when we were on vacation.

There are at least three more patterns that I hope to eventually knit: The Evergreen Shawl [see one here], The River Forest Gansey, and the Keefely Mittens, all by Jolene Treace.

So. It would seem that I am Big Fan of Ms. Treace. She's also the designer of the Wine & Roses Mitts from this year's IW Knits Holiday Gifts (also in their Winter 2006 issue). Very Cranford-ish. I'd love to make them.


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minipurl said...

It is beautiful :)

Sheri said...

I think the little green bag is very merry. Stuff it with cinnamon scented pine cones and some greens and hang it on a door knob until after the holidays, then use it as a knitting bag. It's very cute.