Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Eve eve

I think I'm almost ready. The to-do list* is done. Except for the cooking. But there is coffee and 7-Layer Cookie Bars so it isn't like anyone will starve.

The one thing that has given me the most trouble this season?

This timer......

I'm supposed to be able to set it and the little outdoor tree will turn on and off by itself. I remember I had trouble with it last year.

The online tutorial is of little help.

So far the only dusk-to-dawn thing around here is pajamas.

Take it easy and have a wonderful Christmas.

*Best to-do list I've seen.


Jolene said...

Merry Christmas!

minipurl said...

Yummmmm....7-layer cookies.

AS for the dreaded timer, best to stick to lace and knitting. Makes much more sense :)

Mary said...

Who cares about timers as long as you have 7-layer cookies!