Saturday, May 16, 2009

The sweet spot

I'm on the home stretch now, the edging on the knitted triangle.

It is signature Evelyn A. Clark and is, perhaps, the most soothing, relaxing knit I ever do.

The yarn has kept this from being 100% enjoyable simply because it is not the softest imaginable.* Because it's a superwash? I don't know. But I did want this to be washable. It is destined to be present for someone I feel sure would completely forget and toss it into the washer. Better safe than sorry, right?

*This is not a slight against the yarn which I think would be great for other purposes. It is purely all my fault for pairing it with this particular project.


Mary said...

Pretty design, pretty color.

Sheri said...

I think that is my favorite color for this season! Just a real happy color (besides pink - that's the happiest). I have so many things going I'm not sure which one's to blog about first. Just having fun doing a little of everything, including a KAL!