Friday, May 15, 2009

2 Kays are better than 1

TGIF. It's been a draining week and I'm looking forward to the weekend.

To start it off right, I dropped by the library after work. I had a tip off to a new-to-me author from one of my favorite book reviewers. I usually start off at the library's browser section, but today I headed straight to the stacks for my book, swung by "my section" (746.4), and only then stopped by the browser. Boy, am I glad I did! Look what was waiting for me there! Kay and Ann's latest book.

Of course I had to sneak a peek on the drive home (don't worry; at a stoplight) and was rewarded immediately in the introduction when they reminded me "Knitting is spoze to be fun".
Who else can make knitting seem more fun than Mason-Dixon Knitting?

And speaking of fun........ Giddy with my jackpot, I headed downstairs to the DVDs thinking a little movie watching might be in order since MUCH rain is predicted again this weekend. While I was reading the titles I heard a librarian asked if I was finding what I was looking for. I turned to answer her and it was no librarian, it was my pal Kay! She's out of retirement and back at work for a couple of weeks, so we had a little time to catch up. What a wonderful surprise.

Later at home, with coffee (and a cookie), I started skimming through the book. My favorite quote? It's from the last chapter, The Sophisticated Kitchen - "Everybody has a kitchen, or a wretched rathole that serves as their kitchen". Well! That made me laugh out loud.


Mary said...

Ohhh...a new-to-me-too author to read! I also like your recommendations--thanks!

Sheri said...

I haven't bought that Mason-Dixon Knitting. I'm trying real hard not to buy any more books/yarn/stuff. My house is busting at the seems. And it really isn't easy, down right hard even!