Thursday, May 28, 2009


Hi. Just me popping in to say that the linen project started earlier this month made it off the needles today and I think you'll agree that a little blocking and stiffening is in order.

Of course I don't think you can blame either of us for being a bit wilted. It's in the high 80s here today and very humid as well.

This has been a FUN knit and would have been fast as well if I could have been focused and dedicated.

The designer reminded me that I could use fabric stiffener instead of starch. I had forgotten that I had some and that it had worked quite well with the angels I did a couple of years ago. I'll need to first come up with some way to block it.


Mary said...

How cute! It'll get even cuter once starched and formed.

Sheri said...

With the heat and humidity around here that might just come in handy. I made one a long, long time ago but I think it was crocheted. I wonder if I have a picture? It's no wonder your hands hurt, that's a lot of work.