Saturday, May 9, 2009

Another start

I seem to have a fair number of WIPs around lately.

I'm about halfway through an Evelyn A. Clark knitted triangle shawl. I haven't even posted a picture of it. Shame on me. That may be because I haven't even taken a picture of it. It isn't anything spectacular even though it is a lovely shade of deep teal, but, as with all EAC designs, it is very pleasing to knit and it's destined for a Christmas gift.

Often when I have one project going along smoothly (or even especially if it hits a snag), I tend to start browsing patterns for the Next Thing. Ah, there so many.

This is one that I've had in my mental pipeline for some time. You can't see the cone of 14/2 Euroflax linen underneath that knitted bit, but I bought it at Earth Guild in 2007. Just typing that makes me wish I was back browsing around. Do you know that while browsing you put your selections in a handmade basket! What a wonderful place.

For the longest I worried that the linen was not just right. I worried that I wouldn't get it knitted and blocked just right. And because of all this I almost built it up into more than it really is: knit stitches; one after the other. It's string for crying out loud.

When it gets a bit further along, I'll tell you more about it.

More thunderstorms expected today. I got my walk in just before it began raining. Every lap I had to give a wide berth to this fellow sunning himself on the warm metal. Eww.

Fortunately this is not our mailbox. I would hate to think that this guy lived in our box.

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Sheri said...

Very pretty. There is something about knitted lace in white that I just love. I have some, ready to use, but I keep starting other things first. Like it's sacred or something. Can't wait to watch your progress on this one.
Lots of storms while we were camping Sunday night, then tonight they were here, so I guess they followed us home.
Sheri in GA